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Our CEO & Designer

Aloha, my name is Angie Higa and I am the founder and CEO (Chief everything officer) of Sky Dreams LLC.  December 2008, after 30 years in the banking industry, I decided to retire at age 48 to care for my first grandchild during my daughters military deployment to Afghanistan.  

Although I was always an entrepreneur at heart and leaving the bank during the height of the financial crisis, I knew that starting a business wouldn't be a wise decision.  That concern quickly ended six months into retirement.  We were getting ready for a family trip to welcome our daughter home from her military deployment.  Since the airlines stopped providing blankets and pillows during the SARS breakout, I knew that we would need blankets for our red eye flight to the West coast.  I wanted to design a blanket that was compact enough to carry while traveling since I was traveling with my 1 1/2 old granddaughter.  After several failed design attempts, I came across a blanket my mother made 35 years ago and quickly knew it would be the perfect travel blanket.  All I needed to do is make a few design changes by turning the pocket upside down, add a strap and a pocket that was large enough to also hold a neck pillow. July 2009, the Sky Dreams travel blanket was born. 

I always dreamed of being a stay home mom and having my own business.  It might have taken me 30 years to have that dream come true, however the knowledge I learned from my banking career, has helped me be a better entrepreneur.  We converted our two car garage to my workshop aka garage atelier.  This allows me to work from home and care for my grandchildren.  

I have had the privilege to inspire and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages. As an "Encore entrepreneur" (starting a business after retirement) I always look for opportunities to encourage others to turn their handmade items to a business.   The summer of 2018, I helped my three granddaughters love for hair accessories and help them start their own Etsy shop called the "OhAnna Sisters."   

"Don't measure success by the size of a dream fulfilled.  Base it on the growth and the many things you learn along the way." (by Jonna Gaines)

My love for travel allows me to create products for the savvy and fashion forward traveler. July 2021, I will be celebrating 12 years in business and loving every minute of it.

May all of your travel dreams come true!

Angie Higa, CEO & Designer