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Early March 2020 when COVID19 was declared a pandemic, the sewing community was asked to sew cloth face masks for Health professionals and First responders.  Since my sewing community was serving Health professionals and First responders, I decided to focus my efforts on essential workers, people with weakened immune systems and our Kapuna  (elderly).

On March 22, 2020, I shifted production in my business and used my stockpile of fabric and supplies and make face masks for my community. On March 22, 2020, I made a Facebook post mentioning that I would be using my God given talent and provide FREE face masks just pay shipping.  That one post went viral and within 3 days, I had over 1,000 request for FREE face mask.

After being featured in KHON2 news and online resources mentioning Sky Dreams LLC was providing FREE face mask, word quickly spread and the demand became greater than I had envisioned. The Giving Back project truly has been the most rewarding thing I had ever done.

Most are unaware that I am a one women business owner.  My workshop is located in my converted my 2 car garage which allows me to work at home and care for my grandchildren during the day while my daughter is at work full time.

The need for face masks was growing faster than I imagined.  A bit overwhelmed by the demand, I was truly a Blessed when 11 of my friends asked how they could help. They generously donated their time and talent to my project and could not have done it without them.

My last installment of the Giving Back project was November 14, 2020.  2,700 FREE face masks given out to my community near and as far as Japan and Australia. 

The Giving Back project not only allowed me an opportunity to give back to my community, it allowed me to meet some truly amazing people throughout the process.  Many of the recipients of my FREE face mask and their family and friends quickly showed their Aloha and support for my small business.  Whenever I launched a new item, it quickly sold out.  However it was the heartwarming notes, cards and emails that truly touched my heart.  My customers are everything to me.  I am forever grateful.

Please stay safe and keep on travel dreaming!

Angie Higa, CEO and Designer