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Deluxe gift set

$55.00 when discount code applied.  Code: GWP2020
This deluxe gift set includes 5 awesome items for that fashionista on the go or give away as separate gifts.  Use the drop down menu to select from 3 designs.
  • 1 Deluxe Toiletry/lunch bag.  
    • Waterproof lined and padded with flex foam
    • Vegan leather handbag handles with rivet
    • Use as a handbag, lunch bag or toiletry bag while traveling.
    • Wire frame opening and deluxe zipper
  • 1 SkyMask carry pouch
    • The waterproof lined zipper pouch to hold your Face mask and other essentials when you're on the go.
FREE Gifts
  • 1 Adult contour and reversible face mask-Same print design
  • 1 Touchless key chain with stylus tip
  • 1 SkyMask lanyard with pineapple charm
  • Discount code required to get the items for FREE (Code: GWP2020)
  • All sales Final

*Discount code required to get items for FREE.  One shipping address per order.  Orders cannot be split or shipped separately.

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