Mini Waterproof lined Pouch-Salty Kisses


Inspiration:  Vintage collection of images that could be printed on our popular pieces.  This image was taken in 1950 at Bellows Beach, Hawai'i.  It was said that this was the couples "First Kiss" after they met on a Blind date. It was truly the beginning of a love story of our CEO and Designer's parents.  She named the design "Salty Kisses."  It's her love letter to her Mom and Dad. 

  • New Mini pouch design
  • Custom design on front
  • Back design-Antique color finish that replicates a Vintage postcard. 
  • 100% Cotton twill.  Waterproof lined with white PUL fabric
  • 6" (H) x 10" (W)
  • New Vegan leather tassel/pom pom keychain key hook attachment
  • Sewn, Designed and Made in Hawai'i.